Road Collage

We're a retired couple traveling full-time, staying here and there for a few days, a week, even a month or so. We started doing this in 2000, when we sold our home and bought a pickup. We've been to all the states and provinces and even stored our truck a few times while we travelled to Europe. We go north in summer and south in winter.

One of the things we do while travelling is study local history, especially if we can find some family members. We may end up in cemeteries or courthouses or museums or libraries. Our goal is to be able to show that we are related to everybody! (But only the dead are shown on our published family tree.)

Other things we like are riding trains and ferry boats, tasting different regional cuisines, reading, and spotting wildlife from a moving vehicle.

Please browse around the website, enjoy what you like, and always feel free to contact us with your comments, criticisms, corrections, even compliments!

Bob and Elsa Pendleton