Minotaur, 2015.

Review published Jan 2017.

A Detective Kubu mystery.

It's fun to read a mystery story set in such a far-away location that we know we'll probably never visit there. Detective Kubu is a policeman in Botswana, in current times, the protaganist of a series of charming books. In this story, his beloved father has been killed and his boss won't allow Kubu to work on the case because he might jeopardize the success of the investigation, should some clues turn up. But there is plenty of other work for Kubu to do: a mine wishes to extend its leases, Chinese and American spies and engineers (and engineer-spies?) are in evidence, and, in one of the most charming scenes, Kubu -- large and fat and earnest -- is sent by his boss to an Interpol seminar in New York.

Michael Stanley is a pseudonym created from the first names of the two authors. They clearly know and love Botswana, and have created some lovable characters and a workmanlike plot.

Add this to your list of Mysteries In Faraway Places, along with Louise Penny's Canadian village and Colin Cotterill's Laotian mysteries.