Random House, 2015.

Review published Feb 2017.

This large book is tempting to read because each chapter is only a few pages long, and the style is a friendly, informal narrative. Meacham has written biographies of other American presidents, including Andrew Jackson, who would be a great contrast contrast to the genteel George Herbert Walker Bush. The most interesting part of the book for me was the coverage of the Bush family, including the parents of both George and Barbara.

Bush’s military service is well covered here, and is a natural prologue to his political life. The author takes pains to interview others involved in the big issues, both in business and in politics, and carries the story through his presidency, including his bitter loss to Bill Clinton.

It’s not a political biography, because the former president has left the political life to others and is enjoying his retirement. Nevertheless, it is a gentle, positive, admiring book; look elsewhere for analysis of his work.