Cinco Puntos Press, 2015.

Review published Jan 2017.

Here is an excellent mystery with a terrible title. The Do-Right is supposed to be a slang term for prison. Delpha Wade, having served 14 years for voluntary manslaughter, is out on parole. Her parole officer recommends her to Tom Phelan, a brand-new private investigator. Despite his reservations, he takes Delpha on as his secretary, after she proves herself in a most impressive way. The two face a variety of cases as the reader chases along after.

All of this takes place in Beaumont, Texas and vicinity, vividly described by this talented author. The book is a treat. The writing is carefully crafted and demands attention by the reader.

We hope the author is busily creating more cases for this pair to investigate. Just make sure you ignore the title, and dive right into Delpha's soul.