Soho Press, 1988.

Review published Feb 2017.

Joe Sandilands, the protagonist of Barbara Cleverly's police procedural series, has arrived in Paris to attend an international congress of police officials. Joe will represent his English colleagues; the time is the 1920s. Paris, the golden days of pre-World War II, important officials, the theater -- a perfect situation for producing a murder.

Joe does his usual suave performance of interviewing many people, making connections between presumably unconnected fact by observing small details, and generally living the good life.

These are great airplane or beach reads, in which the stories are just complicated enough to keep the reader guessing, while offering the opportunity to catch glimpses of real people, like the entertainer Josephine Baker -- and is that the author of the Maigret novels appearing just in time to provide useful information?

We like these books and will happily read anything Barbara Cleverly wants to write.