Severn House, 2014.

Review posted Jan 2017.

The mystery fan is in constant need of authors and titles. The libraries and bookstores do not disappoint; decent crime fiction is a most reliable source of income for publishers.

Indeed there are so many good writers that they can slip by all but the most determined reader.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles has been writing since 1972, over eighty books in print -- see

She's written mostly fiction. Her most prolific series is the Morland Dynasty, thirty-five volumes covering five hundred years of British history in a fictional format, so that fans become devoted followers of the fictional heros and heroines.

The eighteen Bill Slider Mysteries are English police procedurals, and she has kept the series up-to-date with advances in means of detection and broad social changes as well.

The star in Star Fall is the victim, who changed his name to Rowland Egerton as he became a nationally known and televised antiques expert, under the expert tutelage of his long-time (business) partner, John Lavender.

Who did it? The reader is kept guessing as the story unfolds, revealing that the immensely popular victim had some unlikeable behaviour.

Detective Inspector Slider is not a particularly dramatic character himself, but has developed a cohesive team of young detectives, whose interaction and banter and private lives capture the reader's interest as much as the plot.

Highly recommended.