University of Illinois Press, 1997.

Review posted Jan 2017.

The author joined his two friends as Merchant Mariners in 1943, during the time leading up to the invasion of Normandy. Woody Guthrie was already a well known musician and Cisco Houston was also an established folksinger. Neither would be drafted. Houston was blind in one eye and Guthrie had four young children. But they were determined to do their part in the war and persuaded Woody's friend Jim to come with them. During the crossings, they learned the seaman's skills while singing to entertain their fellow crew members and the passengers, the soldiers they were delivering to the battlefield.

A non-stop tale, vividly and dramatically told, as two of their ships are attacked by enemy fire during the crossing. It's a great war story and music story and an example of honorable men behaving courageously during dangerous times.