Harriet Levitt, youngest child of John and Sarah Levitt, was born in Little Wheaton, Yorkshire. She came to the United States in 1843 and spent most of her adult years in Shullsburg, Wisconsin with her husband George Fielding. George, who was born in Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire , was a successful farmer and rancher, who also served as county assessor. Harriet Levitt Fielding Harriet Levitt Fielding

Harriet and George had no children of their own, but enjoyed their extended family. George died in 1898, Harriet in 1911. Both are buried in the West Ella Highland Cemetery.

George Fielding George Fielding For the genealogist, Harriet's probate has provided a wealth of information, because she left the bulk of her estate to the heirs of her brothers and sisters, whom her executor duly tracked down, and all their names were then recorded in the probate file.