Mary Levitt met John Adams when she and her family settled in Wood County, Ohio, shortly after arriving from Yorkshire, England. John was a second-generation American, born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Apple River farm An Apple River farm

By the time of the Levitt family's arrival in 1831, Wood County was beginning to become settled, although there were still skirmishes with Indians. Its northwest borders were hotly contested by Michigan, in what was known as the Toledo Strip War. Work on the Miami and Erie Canal was well underway. This canal reached from Cincinnati to Lake Erie, and before the completion of railroads was a major route through the state, thus providing not only transportation for new immigrants but also employment. The major drawback to Wood County, however, was "Maumee fever", malaria which plagued the region for decades before the Great Black Swamp was drained.

John and Mary proceeded to have eight children on their farm in Montgomery Township, Ohio, before relocating their family to Apple River, Illinois, just across the state border from their relatives in Wisconsin.

Mary and John and their family continued to farm in Apple River for the rest of their lives.

The children of Mary Levitt Adams The children of Mary and John Adams