Dear Political Leader,

This is what I want for 2012:

Uniform and universal enforcement of all laws, with the right accruing to every person to petition a court for enforcement of laws.

Equal treatment under the laws for all.

Full and adequate compensation for all victims of crimes, along with timely trials by jury of all accused criminals.

Free advanced education (to the doctoral level at least) for all, to cope with a complex world.

Good health for all, and free health care for those who become ill.

Universal access to potable water and fresh produce.

An end to human substance abuse.

Cooperation between all government agencies, without jurisdictional conflict; resolution of regional disputes in the interests of all inhabitants of the region.

The elimination of war and torture and all forms of violence; universal disarmament.

Expansion of robots and automated computer systems to perform all low-level jobs heretofore performed by humans.

An end to personal services, so that no person is demeaned by being forced to obey the orders of another, and at the same time no person is scarred by having to dominate and control the behavior of others.

Opportunities for all persons to serve the world in responsible positions, including government oversight.

An end to corruption: the highest levels of morality and ethics to be exhibited by those in the highest positions of authority and responsibility.

Meaningful participation by all humans in promoting the general welfare. Opportunities for each individual to realize his or her full potential through valuable activity.

Cooperation between nations to reduce the pressure on limited global resources; reutilization of waste materials.

An end to hunger and poverty throughout the world.

Gathering and disseminating accurate statistical data on all the activities of humans, their organizations, businesses, and governments.

Government planning for the long run based on objectively measured world data.

Freedom to travel; unrestricted mobility of people to emigrate from any country and immigrate to any country.

Honesty and openness of all the world's people; accurate reporting of the proceedings of all government agencies, and preservation of all written records for the benefit of history.

An end to hatred and prejudice against any class of people.

Global cooperation to reduce the damage to the planet caused by excess consumption and waste of natural resources; reduction and eventual elimination of global warming.

Protection and preservation of the current levels of biodiversity. Humane treatment of animals.

Protection of individual rights including freedoms of speech, religion, and association.

Trust, integrity, and reliability among all people. Recognition and commendation of unselfish behavior.

In short, dear political leader, I want nothing less than a good, well-governed world that affords some chance for the future of humanity in the long term.