Leaving Canada we began a somewhat faster drive west across the continent, staying nowhere long enough to produce a connected narrative. Still, we wanted to share some of our pictures with those who follow our website. Here you'll see some nice architecture, civic art, museum exhibits, wildlife, and a few snaps taken on our second visit to Yellowstone National Park -- 48 years after our first visit!

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Beautiful downtown architecture in Elizabeth, Illinois Brightly painted pig, Monroe, Wisconsin Tall courthouse with towers, Green County, Wisconsin Narrow dirt road under the railroad tracks Painted wooden statue of Pocahontas about 15 feet high Many bicycles and tricycles welded together into a massive sculpture Donated historic western saddles on display Green and red painted chuckwagon Two pronghorn in a field (telephoto) Two engines, two coal cars and caboose in rail yard A sculpture of Abe Lincoln sitting on a park bench, with Bob Pendleton sitting alongside and looking at the sculpture Bronze sculpture of a tired cowboy holding his saddle and rope Victorian parlor with paintings on walls and a mounted deer head Bison walking alongside the road The whitened tree trunks remain standing The backs of tourists waiting with cameras ready to photograph Old Faithful The geyser erupts high in the air against a background of blue sky and fluffy white clouds Runoff from Excelsior Geyser flowing into Firehole River