Alert readers will note that many of the photos we have displayed and sent are from the same spot: the space around our rented cottage in Deer Isle Village. We have stayed long enough for the tides to cycle around the clock, changing our view from day to day. The weather has changed, too, from bright and sunny to sweater-cool. Early mornings often feature a romantic mistiness. Anywhere we drive from Deer Isle we come to Penobscot Bay, along with sailboats, lobster boats, and dinghies. A trip to Belfast yielded some big yachts and even a bright red tug. Even the rocks are fascinating to see.

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Belfast harbor, Maine Boulder at Haystack Mountain school No breeze The end of the day's fishing A foggy view from our house Sunset in Deer Isle Village. Sunset At the top of Quarry hill At the Belfast marina a favorite view Stonington village Belfast tug