Here are some of the signs which have amused or baffled us during our travels. Hover your mouse pointer over a picture to see the identification. Click on the image and a larger version will open up. These larger images may be several megabytes, so be patient. If you still can't read the sign you can click once more to enlarge the image again. Right click on the large image and then select "Save picture as" to save the image to your computer. Click the back arrow on your browser to return to this page.

A Utah rancher's sign In Amarillo, Texas, signs are art sidewalk sign, Montreal, Canada Found on a motel room door, Orange County, CA Quebec Jake Brakes sign Loonies are one dollar, toonies are... San Francisco intersection Well decorated shack, Tennessee from Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana meat and two veg, $4.00, Crossville, TN stop sign,Indian reserve, Quebec TESCO supermarket, London Waterfront warning sign, London just after an election, Durham, England No shoulder, West Virginia Acadian flag, New Brunswick Election, Dublin 2014 Suspended stop sign Bad Girl sign Turn left for the barricade? Indiana warning Bratislava street art 2012 Bridge out emergency Any brew at all! In the wild west Alaska 2001 Collect citizens here Cliffs of Moher 2014 Dublin 2014 Columbus, Kansas Sidewalk Superintendents wanted? Minnesota 2015 Gift of a friend Crumble cake Is this sign necessary? Irish bike path 2014 England 2014 England 1985 Limerick 2014 They're escaping all the time Quebec 2016 Western ranch Missouri 2016 Gift of a friend England 2014 Most sinister sign ever Busy store yard Newfoundland 2013 Driving range nearby Western desert Philadelphia Henrietta NY Hormone pills Mr. Hou is politically incorrect Will it melt if frightened? Another Asian restaurant Signmaking is too hard too hard Try it and see! Quebec 2016 Maine Will it keep on sliding? Northern Ireland 2014 No parking England 2014 Bakersfield 1981 Western desert ranch Welded sign Tell that to Public Storage! Nova Scotia 2013 A truck headache Memorial England 2014 No kidding Canadian free speech Probably Texas No having fun Car squishes bike? Old route 66 Merchants are like that St Johns Newfoundland Expectant skiers Mountain warfare? Austin Texas 2013 Aptos California 1996 National Library Dublin 2014 Wild west Quebec 2016 Manchester 2014 Caveat user Wet ending At a railway museum