We took over 1000 photographs during our two-week trip to Slovakia. In addition to the photos included with our travel reports, we have selected 36 more photos (on two gallery pages) for posting to the web. Each of these pics is loaded in high-resolution format, too. Click on any one of the framed pictures, and the full size image will appear and may be downloaded.

The buildings surrounding the central square of Bardejov
are being beautifully restored. The interior of St. Elizabeth's (Blue) church, Bratislava showing the Art Nouveau style Old Town Hall, Levoca showing civic virtues painted on the walls This beautiful old building in Levoca has yet to be restored, but it will be. The three towers of the 17th century wooden Greek Catholic church at Bodruzal. The facade of a building in Old Town Bratislava in the Habsburg style. Carved statue appearing to hold up the corner of a building, Nitra. View from the top of the tower at the castle of Stara L'ubovnia. Interior with catwalks erected at gun ports at the castle of Stara L'ubovnia. Baroque style oak dining room set on display in Bratislava Castle A German tank and a Russian tank attacking one another,
mounted on a concrete platform between Svidnik and the Dukla Pass Guests gathering for a wedding at the oldest church in Bratislava,
with a little flower girl in a lovely white dress Chalkboard with menu items in Slovak (and some in English) in colored
chalk outside a Bratislava Old Town restaurant Sculpture by Cumil depicting smiling Nazi sticking head out of manhole Beautifully inlaid armoire on display at Bratislava Castle Greek Catholic Icon depicting Mary and Jesus Marble staircase with golden ceiling trim, Bratislava Castle Old ceramic stove or furnace on display at Stara L'ubovnia Castle