We took over 1000 photographs during our two-week trip to Slovakia. In addition to the photos included with our travel reports, we have selected 36 more photos (on two gallery pages) for posting to the web. Each of these pics is loaded in high-resolution format, too. Click on any one of the framed pictures, and the full size image will appear and may be downloaded.

Early 20th century room, Eastern Slovakia, showing Greek Catholic icons
above dining table; Stara L'Ubovnia Skanzen Many restaurants in Old Town Bratislava have photographs of each dish
alongside the name and description Interior of Greek Catholic Cathedral, Presov, showing the elaborate iconostasis The altar of the Roman Catholic church, Sarisske Sokolovce Schoolchildren with their teacher walking along a path beneath the cemetery,
Gregorovce View of the Skanzen from the castle tower, Stara L'ubovnia Looking up at the Stara L'ubovnia Castle Old wagons and sleighs were displayed at the Stara L'ubovnia Castle National Theater, Bratislava, lit at night Interior courtyard, Bratislava Town Hall Prayer shawls, Jewish Museum, Bratislava Wire sculpture of peacock, Bratislava castle museum View of the three onion spires on the newly rebuilg Greek Catholic church, Bardjov St. Michael's Tower, Bratislava (note, the wires have been removed electronically Narrow street heading toward St. Michael's Tower, Bratislava Old Town Carving of two saints, National Gallery, Bratislava Beautiful religious carving from the National Gallery, Bratislava Very old door, Old Town Bratislava