We've discovered that the last two digits of a French license plate give the Department (01 to 96) in which the vehicle is registered.

"Continental" breakfasts can include almost anything: cereals, all kinds of sweet rolls, breads, cheeses, cold cuts, scrambled eggs, bacon, yoghurt, and more.

They also can include two kinds of eggs in the (brown) shell. One kind is hard boiled, the other kind is not. If there are uncooked eggs, then nearby there will be a pan of water with little baskets to lower the eggs in to cook them. There may also be little egg cups. Europeans slice the top right off and eat the soft-boiled egg out of the shell. We like to mix them up with bread and butter in a dish.

So one morning we put two eggs in the baskets, plunged them into the water, waited three minutes, and extracted them. The dish of bread and butter was waiting. But alas, the eggs came out uncooked. The water was too cold.

The next morning, having learned a lesson, we left the eggs in longer, so as to cook them better. The dish of bread and butter was waiting. But alas, the eggs came out hard boiled. The water was too hot.

Today we found the switch that heats the water. We felt like dumb Americans! Needless to say, the eggs came out just right.

Incidentally, on a Sunday morning the Saturday night drunks have stepped in the wrong stuff on the sidewalks, so it is all flattened out. A couple of cities have dispensers with bags, but we haven't noticed many French persons picking up after their pets. A pity.