Queen Elizabeth Park is another Vancouver park commanding a hilltop, like Centennial Park in Burnaby and even Stanley Park downtown. We approached through a middle-class residential district, then spiralled up to the top and parked. Yellow flowers and broad flat leaves Lollipop plant

There was once a quarry on top of this hill, but it has been gardened to a faretheewell, with staircases winding down the cliff face and a waterfall splashing down from the top and wonderful plants and flowers all around; we don't know of any other former quarry that looks so beautiful! At the base of the waterfall was a hemlock planted to honor Raoul Wallenberg.

Buried in the hilltop (probably to obscure another part of the quarry) under a geodesic dome is the second largest domed conservatory in the world -- the Bloedel Conservatory. We walked all the way around and through the quarry garden before we finally found the entrance. Along the way we passed a fiftyish Chinese man stretching each leg almost vertically against a fence rail; he looked like a ballet dancer.

Under the dome are plantings from rainforest, subtropical, and desert climatic zones around the world; it's a garden of exotica in comparison to the British Columbia flora. Songbirds, pheasants and quail and lovely parrots, macaws and cockatoos are on display among the foliage. Lovely white flowers on a plant with dark green leaves White flowers

Like all Vancouver gardens, even private front yard plantings, these gardens are a mass of springtime color and blooms. The difference is that the flowers in the Bloedel Conservatory were exotic in color and shape. We're enclosing some snapshots of the lovely blossoms.

Today we had dim sum luncheon at a Chinese restaurant. They provided an order form, and we marked down types and quantities of dim sum; we tried six varieties, from steamed shrimp dumplings to crispy fried vegetables. There were just a few words in English -- obviously most of the clientele orders in Chinese. The whole thing was delicious, but we found the slippier dim sum harder to manage with chopsticks than sushi.

After we returned to the apartment we had a five-minute hailstorm.