Since leaving Ehrenberg, Arizona we traveled south to Yuma and then west to El Centro. The next day we found California highway 94 heading west along the Mexican border. It was filled with Border Patrol vehicles, and we saw at least one bust in progress. This is pretty country, hilly with chapparal and thicker forests, and it ended rather abruptly in suburban San Diego.

We've been doing family things, visiting sisters, cousins, aunts, daughters-in-law, sons, and grandchildren. In the midst of family get-togethers we have received more piles of books and photos from long ago and also from long, long ago!! This will keep us busy typing and scanning, filling our computer databases with files and files of family history. The most wonderful thing is that the magnetic storage seems to be never ending. No matter how much we type or how many photographs we take (or how many old photos we scan) there always seems to be room for more in the computer.

Shortly after we arrived in Del Mar, just north of San Diego, on a visit to Elsa's sister, the Southern California wildfires erupted. So we have been here ever since. This is a very scary phenomenon. We are several miles away from the fires as we write this, but the sky is brown, the winds worrisome, and ash falls everywhere. We become transfixed by the television news with its continual pictures of burning houses and exploding brush. Our neighborhood is on a hilltop, relatively free of dry brush. Our hotel was filled Sunday evening with families who have been forced to leave their homes, or frightened to stay in fire-threatened areas. They arrived with armloads of stuff, dogs on leashes, toddlers dragging stuffed animals and pillows.

We haven't visited any museums or seen any sights, so there's less to report from the point of view of a general travelogue. But we continue to enjoy our life on the road, continue to appreciate the scenery and weather. Our plans are to wend our way east towards Texas, where we have a month of jury duty. We hope we will be called to serve on a jury; in the past Bob has been dismissed because of his law degree. Perhaps things will be different this time.