We find ourselves enjoying Christmas the way we always imagined -- simple, filled with joy and love, with time to think of family and friends, and appreciate the wonders of Christ's life.

In the world today there is a high risk of terrorist activities; it's odd how violent events may be planned for religious holidays. Perhaps it's even more peculiar that the world's three great monotheistic religions, which sprang from the same Middle Eastern sources, are so much at war. If it weren't so deadly serious, you could liken the situation to three closely-spaced siblings, squabbling for supremacy.

Our wish for religious zealots everywhere this Christmas is that they concentrate their efforts solely on peaceful evangelism, and forbear from vengeance against those of other faiths. For that single monotheistic God declared that he, not us, should punish the wicked.

We thank you all for your holiday messages -- we enjoyed them all! You'll be hearing from us next as we return to California.

With love to all of you,

Bob and Elsa