We completed our San Antonio sightseeing with lunch atop the Hemisfair Tower. Even though most of the buildings from the 1967 Exposition have vanished, the Tower and a few Western-looking buildings, including the Institute for Texas Culture are still in use, not far from the Riverwalk. The Tower revolved smoothly, we pointed out sights to one another as we made one complete revolution, the food was tasty, the service pleasant, and we enjoyed a happy farewell -- for this year -- to this complex city. The skyscrapers of downtown San Antonio are all below the top of the Hemisfair tower. View from Hemisfair Tower

Moving west we stopped in El Paso for the night, and rose early the next morning eager to put on some miles toward California. The sun was just coming up as we reached a small Hispanic settlement, actually a kind of suburb of El Paso. In search of huevos rancheros, we stopped at a small business with a parking lot full of cars. It was strictly take-out -- wonderful aromas and mysterious dishes were offered to customers who were arriving with their own saucepots to fill with menudo or other goodies.

Just down the road we stopped to take a snapshot of a beautifully painted store, the home of Alice the Burrito Lady. We're going to try to re-visit Alice some time, because she looks so happy in her portrait!

Many of our best adventures seem to happen early in the morning. The morning we left San Antonio, our motel breakfast room was completely filled with soccer-team girls, so we opted for Krispy Kreme (not a difficult choice). We'd just got seated when a man -- about 35 -- came over apologetically and confessed that he was just starting a new job which requires him to wear a shirt and tie. He'd never worn a tie before -- could Bob show him how to tie one? After a first look of skepticism, Bob stepped up to the task, wished him good luck, and soon the man was happily, if nervously, on his way to work. The mural shows a joyous Alice making burritos in a warm brown kitchen painted against the backdrop of a turquoise blue building Alice the Burrito Lady

Day before yesterday two men were selling bargain laptop computers near Bakersfield. One customer haggled them down to $200 from their original asking price of $400. We guess he imagined he was getting a steal (pun intended). But imagine his surprise when the box turned out to be full of newspapers! He was so riled up that he started to chase them as they sped away. Soon they were joined by phalanxes and platoons of cop cars and news cars. There were lots of wrong-way segments, some high speed runs down city streets, sirens screaming ever-which-a-way, and ending up at the bank next to our motel, where the two felons started to flee but were finally frustrated by the freeway flatfoots. We came upon the scene just at the end, wondering what all the fuss was about. As the guy in the motel told us, "they chased 'em all the way from Pumpkin Center."