I started off my day badly by leaving my purse in the Tim Horton's where we had breakfast. Back at the hotel, realizing my mistake, I dropped Bob off and hastened back -- sure enough, the nice young busboy had saved it for me. Now I had to return, reassure Bob, pick up the laundry and set off for my Day Out.

I got to the laundry at opening time and of course she was late again (on Saturday she was 15 minutes late opening St. Anne's, a typical village church with a towering spire near Montreal. St. Anne's Church up). A pleasant looking young man was waiting at the door with his laundry, reading the morning paper. I decided to employ my time usefully by studying the Montreal map. Pretty soon he came to the car, and said he was from North Carolina himself, now living in Montreal, saw me studying the map, could he give me any directions?

So we had a pleasant chat. He is living in Montreal right now because his wife has family and a good job here, but he will be going back to the States to find work (he grew up mostly here, and speaks French; I don't know whether he has any job skills). He ended up by giving me (incorrect) directions to the Dorval public library, and complaining mildly about the laundry manager ("Sometimes she lies"). She is his wife's cousin. He also said, after a lot of thought about Two lions bearing shields flank the gate to this Montreal estate Estate gate with lions What To See in Montreal, that he couldn't think of much that would be interesting to older people. Finally he came up with Mount Royal and the Biodome.

So after finally leaving the laundry, I decided to drive around the outskirts of Montreal. I was constrained by the surprise announcement of the laundry manager that she would be leaving at 1:15 today and I should be back at 1:00. So a drive seemed like a good idea, with the possibility of doing something else in the afternoon maybe.

Lake Shore Drive took me clockwise around much of the island of Montreal, past mile after mile of little waterfront villages and stretches of amazing estates. Lots of the new building are McMansions, but there are enough immense old homes Ornate curving white iron staircases spiral up to second floor apartment doors outside Montreal Outdoor spiral stairs on many acres to convince me that Montreal is rolling in money.

Many of the townships have their own Parcs-natures, with boat launch and woodland trails. Lots of community swimming pools, all filled to bursting with community tots, their moms sunbathing close by. By the time I got to the midpoint, roughly, of the northern edge of the city I decided I'd seen enough scenery, and headed through town.

I took a couple of photos of the tall metal front steps which we noticed on our first trip to Montreal in the 1960s. There's a grand mixture of ethnicity here, judging by the signs on shops and restaurants.

I got back to the laundry just at 1 o'clock, and picked up the laundry without incident. Then I went down to Barbies restaurant for lunch. As I reached my booth, the host paused, looked at the ceiling, then patted the shoulder of a nearby diner. Water was dripping on him (air conditioning vent? not specified). So they moved the table about a foot An explicit graphic street sign prohibits dog poop. Orders to dog owners or to dogs away from the drip, although nobody had mopped up the water from the floor by the time I left.

I made the mistake of ordering the salad I noticed a woman eating: Greek salad with chicken. It was very good and quite large -- but they had two Greek-salad-with-chicken on the menu. One was $6.99. The one I apparently ordered (I checked the menu afterward and this was true) was $11.99. Was I scammed? Maybe, maybe not.

So, somewhat disgruntled, I decided to look for Chapters, the Barnes and Noble of Canada. After making a couple of false turns, I went into the public library, which is a beautiful building, containing separate French and English book collections. I gave them our collection of books and they gave me excellent directions to Chapters, which is getting ready for its Harry Potter party to be held Saturday night from Midnight to 2 a.m. Much excitement. Many people signing up, still, to pre-order their books.

Then back to the hotel. Not a stellar day but a pleasant one, all in all.