From time to time during the past seven years, we wondered how long our travels would continue. Some of our friends didn't think we'd last more than a few months. We surprised even ourselves by keeping at it so long. Our new house in California Our new home

Our adventure involved all kinds of happy learning: plotting destinations and routes, visiting historic, artistic and just plain eccentric sights along the road, making new friends and finding new family members. Managing practical matters (like paying bills) and taking photos and creating our web site has taught us much about computers. Genealogy research has turned us into dedicated historians.

We started out travelling light, but the family history project added a lot of baggage -- boxes of books and papers and photos, extra disk drives, a scanner, two networked laptops (plus reserves in case of emergency) and the requirement for broadband internet connections. We often needed a table or two and an extra chair in the motel (if the room was big enough!) After our truck was burgled we adopted a policy of only leaving stuff we could afford to lose, so we always brought a cartload (sometimes two) into the motel. Clothing was never a problem -- we had summer clothes and winter clothes, and switched twice a year.

Walking path to grocery Path to grocery We took to staying longer and longer in each city so we didn't have so much setup and takedown activity. But this meant we were traveling more and more slowly. Bob says he griped more and more about his bad back and neck, and we carried special pillows and wedges to compensate for changing from one hotel bed to another.

Of course we knew all along we'd have to stop galavanting around and settle down again. Although we considered a lot of locations, we eventually agreed on California, where the climate is nice and family within striking distance. On our last swing westward, these last few months, we took to calling our meandering route a "victory lap." We've been spending down some of our frequent guest points, although we still have quite a few to use up.

We got a clean bill of health after our annual physicals, then headed up to Alameda. In short order we found a nice house to rent. From our door we can walk a mile or so along a peaceful lagoon filled with ducks and parkland, crossing one street, and be standing on the edge of San Francisco Bay.

After we furnish the place and get settled, we hope to work on our backlog of family history, taking inventory of our photographic images, and adding bits and pieces of genealogical data (so we can be certain we have named the right ancestors!) We also want to add our old trip reports to our website, along with photos, book and restaurant reviews, and the occasional essay. We think we'll continue to travel, but we probably won't be driving cross-country; it will be airplanes and then rental cars or public transportation.

So expect our trip reports to become less frequent, but please keep in touch. We've formed so many fine friendships while traveling. Let us know if your travels bring you close to us.