We had a good day in Bad Wimpfen. The house rises two stories plus a dark red mansard roof with dormers for an attic; about seven large gray-shuttered windows spaced along the length of it on each story. An old timbered house

It's a historic German City on the river Neckar, with many old timbered buildings, and only a half-hour train ride out of Heilbronn. We learned about it from our trusty green Michelin guide.

There's a serious walk up hill from the train station, which is at river level, to the walled city high in the middle of a small plaza, the town fountain has been festooned with garlands of green, decorated with ropes of easter eggs. Fountain decorated for Easter above. We zigged and zagged; each time we turned a corner we had another engaging view of old buildings, walls, towers (they have both red and blue), squares, churches, shrines, and more.

In the main town square we found a beautiful fountain still decorated for Easter with garlands of greenery adorned with "ropes" of Easter eggs. Each village vies with the others for the most beautiful Easter decorations on the town fountain. We liked this one a lot. The triptych features doors left and right which could be closed to conceal the art depicting an event in the life of a saint Church triptych

We happened to reach the church after services, and just as it was being opened for visitors. The ceiling was quite striking, as was the organ; at a side altar we found a lovely triptych.

We wandered around Bad Wimpfen for hours; there were few people on the streets - perhaps it's too early in the spring for tourists. The towers were not open, but we probably weren't up to any more climbing!

There were signs about relating some town history, and lovely views of the river from on high. We'd recommend this day excursion highly.