Surrounded by a trall grassy planting of prairie wildflower, the woolly bison is created with a beautiful tope-colored grass that simulates the bison's coat Woolly bison topiary

Once we started finding gardens, they seemed to be everywhere. We left Saint John for Edmundston and upon arriving learned about the New Brunswick Botanical Garden, so we went there.

It was several different gardens, or rather one large garden The duck stands still in a glassy pond and is ignorant of the duck reflection captured by the camera Standing duck and reflection space with concentrations on different aspects--scent, uses, color. We had a good long ramble and enjoyed seeing how many different kinds of blooms were still in color, even though it was nearing the end of summer. As for many places we have seen this year, we had visited this The butterflies are about twice as big as the slice of orange sitting on a white plate set on a lime green cloth Butterflies on orange slice garden several years ago, only to find that for some reason now forgotten we couldn't go in (we suspect we were on our way to another city, and it was too close to the garden's closing time that day). With a dark neck and lighter leaves, the topiary yields a remarkable representation of a goose in flight Bird in flight topiary

However, this time we could take as long as we wanted, enjoying the humor of the wooly beast at the entrance, the stillness of the duck standing on a stone, the creepy tickle of butterflies in the butterfly house.

As we prepared this page for the web, we realized that we had more pictures than text. This is often the case when visiting beautiful spots that inspire photography more than prose. Enjoy the pictures!