Family Collage

(Updated 31 Oct 2016.) We have made the first upload of Our Family in three years. This reflects a great deal of effort taking the source citations of our early work using the Reunion software for Macintosh and copying them into The Master Genealogist software for Windows computers. In addition we have added a number of census citations, and corrected a number of errors.

The purpose of our family history is to study the ancestors of our grandchildren. We have, in fact, over 1500 such ancestors identified (we hope most of them are correct!) This means there are a lot of surnames besides Pendleton and Walther, since we try to identify all the maternal lines as well. Included in the web page listing are pedigree charts for key ancestors. All those names in the charts are ancestors of our grandchildren.

We decided we wanted some kind of birth information for every person in our database, even when we had no knowledge. So we invented a birth event, using a "circa yyyy" representation of the date, and an equally vague representation of the place. The source we cite for such an event may be merely the source which justifies that person's existence. For example, if a book says Jane married William Sassafras, then we will enter William Sassafras in the database, give him a birth year equal to Jane's, and a birthplace where they were likely married, and cite his birth to that book (even though the book itself provides no details about his birth).

A new feature of this 2016 upload is the inclusion of a SEARCH capability, which will allow you to search for any individual.

We continue to use John Cardinal's Second Site which is especially designed software to build a website out of a database in The Master Genealogist. This is an outstanding program which we happily recommend to other genealogists.

Works of genealogy never really come to an end, and we are continuing our efforts to improve this database. We really would appreciate an email from any reader who can supply a correction or add additional data. Send it to bobandelsa at gmail dot com, please.

We have included all persons in our database born before 1906 (with a few intentional exceptions). If you are interested in a particular family line, please let us know how you are related and we will try to share additional information with you.

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