Books Collage

Reading is a lifelong habit for both of us. When we sold our home, we disposed of a collection of 6000 books. We find we read more than ever in retirement, and hope that our eyes hold out a long time! We can spot a bookstore from a mile away, and enjoy making donations to libraries of books we have finished.

At the bottom of the page is a reading list. If you click on the links of the titles in blue you will find short reviews.

Fiction Bayard, Louis Mr. Timothy
Fiction Barnes, Julian Arthur and George
Fiction Ferrante, Elena My Brilliant Friend
Fiction Fforde, Jasper Lost in a Good Book
Fiction Franklin, Ariana Two Novels
Fiction Kirk, Hans The Fishermen
Fiction MacDonald, Ann-Marie The Way the Crow Flies
Fiction Musil, Robert The Man Without Qualities
Fiction Pearlman, Edith Honeydew
Fiction Pears, Iain Arcadia
Fiction Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time; first movement
Fiction Shapiro, B. A. The Muralist
Fiction Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix The Nest
Fiction Tremain, Rose Music and Silence
Mystery Akunin, Boris The Winter Queen
Mystery Alexander, Bruce Blind Justice
Mystery Alexander, Bruce Sir John Fielding series
Mystery Benn, James R. Billy Boyle
Mystery Brandreth, Gyles Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance
Mystery Cleverly, Barbara Folly du jour
Mystery Donaghue, Clare No Place to Die
Mystery Ellis, Kate Walking by Night
Mystery Fossum, Karin Bad Intentions
Mystery Fossum, Karin Black Seconds
Mystery French, Tana The Secret Place
Mystery Gebert, Anke Ein Engel fur Hotte
Mystery Hall, Tarquin The Case of the Missing Servant.
Mystery Harper, Karen The Tidal Poole
Mystery Harris, Gregory The Dalwich Desecration
Mystery Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia Star Fall
Mystery Ison, Graham Hardcastle's Quartet
Mystery Kelly, Jim Death on Demand
Mystery Knight, Bernard The Sanctuary Seeker
Mystery Moyes, Patricia A Six-Letter Word for Death
Mystery Runcie, James Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night
Mystery Sandlin, Lisa The Do-Right
Mystery Spencer, Sally Best Served Cold
Mystery Stanley, Michael A Death in the Family
Mystery Winspear, Jacqueline Birds of a Feather
Nonfiction Aarons, Mark and John Loftus Unholy Trinity
Nonfiction Ardagh, John France in the New Century
Nonfiction Bainbridge, Timothy Penguin Companion to European Union
Nonfiction Barber, Benjamin R. Jihad vs McWorld
Nonfiction Binelli, Mark Detroit City is the Place to Be
Nonfiction Bok, Derek Our Underachieving Colleges
Nonfiction Brook-Shepherd, Gordon The Austrians
Nonfiction Clancy, Tara The Clancys of Queens
Nonfiction Craig, Gordon A. The Germans
Nonfiction Cronin, Mike A History of Ireland
Nonfiction Dennett, Daniel C. Breaking the Spell
Nonfiction Deacon, Terrence The Symbolic Species
Nonfiction Duggin, Christopher A Concise History of Italy
Nonfiction Fisher-Smith, Jordan Nature Noire
Nonfiction Gilbert, Martin Challenge to Civilization
Nonfiction Grandin, Temple Animals in Translation
Nonfiction Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon
Nonfiction Harari, Yuval Sapiens
Nonfiction Hibbert, Christopher Disraeli
Nonfiction Hughes, Chris Fair Shot
Nonfiction Huntington, Samuel P. The Clash of Civilizations
Nonfiction Isenberg, Nancy White Trash
Nonfiction Jacobsen, Annie Operation Paperclip
Nonfiction James, Louis The Xenophobe's Guide to the Austrians
Nonfiction Johnson, Chalmers Nemesis
Nonfiction Keane, John Global Civil Society?
Nonfiction Kurlansky, Mark The Basque History of the World
Nonfiction Lieven, A. and J. Hulsman Ethical Realism
Nonfiction Longhi, Jim Woody, Cisco, & Me
Nonfiction Macdonald, Helen H is for Hawk
Nonfiction Marino, Andy American Pimpernel
Nonfiction Meacham, Jon Destiny and Power
Nonfiction Michaels, Walter Benn The Trouble with Diversity
Nonfiction Nasaw, David Andrew Carnegie
Nonfiction Nash, Gary B. The Unknown American Revolution
Nonfiction Nelles Guide Munich: Excursions
Nonfiction Norwich, John Julius Sicily
Nonfiction Obama, Barack Dreams from My Father
Nonfiction Obama, Barack The Audacity of Hope
Nonfiction Pelletier, Yannick Une Histoire de la Bretagne
Nonfiction Phillips, Susan Wallbangin'
Nonfiction Raab, Selwyn. Five Families
Nonfiction Sachs, Jeffrey D. The End of Poverty
Nonfiction Sachs, Jeffrey D. The Price of Civilization
Nonfiction Shostak, Arthur B., ed. Viable Utopian Ideas
Nonfiction Sitamaran, Ganesh. The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution
Nonfiction Stephanopoulos, George. All Too Human
Nonfiction Stiles, T. J.. The First Tycoon
Nonfiction Sunstein, Cass R. Why Societies Need Dissent
Nonfiction Tapscott, D. and A. D. Williams Wikinomics
Nonfiction Teachout, Zephyr Corruption in America
Nonfiction Toffler, Alvin and Heidi. Revolutionary Wealth
Nonfiction Van Reybrouck, David. Congo
Nonfiction von Sternburg, Wilhelm Deutsche Republiken
Nonfiction Waldron, Lamar. Ultimate Sacrifice
Nonfiction Wheatcroft, Andrew. The Habsburgs
Nonfiction Williams, Charles. The Last Great Frenchman
Nonfiction Wood, John. Leaving Microsoft to Change the World
Nonfiction Yankelovich, Daniel Coming to Public Judgment
Nonfiction Yankelovich, Daniel Profit with Honor
Nonfiction Zakaria, Fareed The Future of Freedom