Publications Collage

Retirement must bring on the writing urge! Elsa and Bob now have five books in print:

Pinyon Creek, California, by Elsa Pendleton, published October, 2011.

Death by Chocolate, by Elsa Pendleton, published April, 2012.

The Long Overdue Library Book, by Sandy Bradley and Elsa Pendleton, published November, 2014.

What I Learned, by Bob Pendleton, published June, 2015.

Ordinary Patriots, by Elsa Pendleton, published January, 2017.

These are available through Amazon and in e-book versions, too.

It's been a great opportunity for people like us whose books aren't destined to be best sellers -- the internet has made possible an inexpensive route to self-publishing.

As always, we're grateful for your comments and criticism -- Bob and Elsa