Gallery Collage

We've amassed a lot of photographs over the last fifty years. As we get around to it, we'll keep making up some gallery pages of our favorite pictures for your enjoyment. The links to the gallery pages are listed below.

28 Nov 2016 Signs along the Road, Updated
24 Sep 2013 Heading West, 2013
31 Aug 2007 Sonoma County California Wine Grapes
01 Mar 2007 San Diego's Wild Animal Park
15 Oct 2006 Still More Pics from Slovakia
15 Oct 2006 More Pics from Slovakia
05 Sep 2006 An Acadia National Park Drive
31 Aug 2006 Deer Isle Part Two
18 Aug 2006 Down East on the Maine Coast
28 Jun 2006 A Family of Swans
18 Jun 2006 Our Ancestors Were Children Once
24 May 2006 Desktops or Wallpapers