Restaurants Collage

We've always enjoyed finding small out-of-the-way places to eat. Small towns often have delightful cafes or diners with friendly staff and good food featuring local specialties

We've listed some of the restaurants we've liked in the past. Since the quality of the restaurant depends on the cook, we've tried to remember the time of our last visit.

Follow the links to find a snippet from our travel reports describing a particular restaurant, or perhaps a somewhat longer restaurant review.

2013 Monroe, Wisconsin Baumgartner's
2009 San Rafael, California Bogie's Cafe
2007 Petaluma, California The Washoe House
2006 Toledo, Ohio Tony Packo's Cafe
2006 Rocky River, Ohio Joe's Deli Restaurant
2006 Highland Park, New Jersey Sichuan Spring
2006 Clifton, New Jersey Rutt's Hut
2006 Brookline, Massachusetts Indian Cafe
2006 Vernon, Connecticut Rein's Deli
2006 Port Jervis, New York Mountain View Diner
2006 Endicott, New York Lupo's Char-Pit
2004 Newberry Springs, CA Bagdad Cafe
2003 San Antonio, Texas Jay's Cafeteria
2003 Torrington, Wyoming Deacon's Restaurant
2003 San Antonio, Texas Tip Top Cafe
2003 San Antonio, Texas Lulu's Bakery and Cafe
2003 Vega, New Mexico Hickory Inn
2001 Yates Center, Kansas Frannie's
2001 Shullsburg, Wisconsin Nellie's Cupboard