Genealogy Research Collage

Genealogy is a fascinating hobby, because there is so much to learn, and of course you're never "finished." We are writing some short reports of our more memorable discoveries, both with genealogy and about genealogy. The links are contained in the table below.

Date Title
21 Feb 2010 Our Levitt Family
13 May 2007 Roy Walther Writings
24 Sep 2006 7 Souls on an Old Wood Boat
05 Jul 2006 Ella Rowe's Keepsake Book
10 Jun 2006 The Rescue of Mary Rowlandson
26 May 2006 Cake pan library
24 May 2006 Cadwells in Kansas
08 Apr 2006 Genealogical Records of Slovakia
03 Jun 2002 Learning Too Much
29 Dec 2001 Chasing Great-Great-Aunt Ellen
07 Nov 2001 Finding Charlie Moyers